Saturday, February 4, 2012

Making Valentine Cards at Shirley's

Shirley invited some friends to her house for a card making party.  She set up banquet tables in her living room and made kits so we could complete four different Valentine cards.  It was a lot of fun and here's the cards I made.

The bee's wings have vellum as the shadow layer.

The brown background was embossed with a Cuttlebug folder.

Shirley even cut out silver metallic pieces for the arrow!  Tiny, tiny! Lots of work there!

She knows I can't tie a decent bow, so she even had that done for us.  She hand stitched the heart charms onto the bow too!

Shirley did all the hard work.  She designed the cards and cut out all the pieces, putting them in zip lock bags.  The tables had everything we needed to assemble the cards all laid out in front of us.  Even the sentiments for the inside!

There were six people there; four of us were familiar with how to work with paper and two were novices.  But, they did a great job on their cards and the left with four pretty Valentine cards they'll be proud to give.

This is Andrea, who's really never done any paper crafting.  She thought she wouldn't be able to make these and was really proud of the way hers turned out.

Nancy decided to ink the edges of hers.  Shirley was so proud!  LOL!

Shirley was "supervising" while Nancy and Wendi were working diligently to finish their projects.  Did I mention that we had complete kits to make the cards, but had no finished ones to see what they were supposed to look like?  LOL!  I had to ask Shirley on a couple of mine just where to put some of the pieces.  It's a good thing she showed me.  I tried arranging the hearts on the pink/brown one and they just didn't look right until she suggested that I overlap them.  (I am NOT artistic!)

We all agreed that Shirley is very talented and should probably give classes at the LSS.  But, she insists that she doesn't want to do it because she "doesn't want people asking her "stupid azz" questions! LOL! 

I got to Shirley's house about 4:30; the party was to start at 6:00.  We had enough time that she and I went to an architectural salvage yard to see if I could find some wooden spindles or table legs and ceiling fan blades for an outdoor craft project.  I got exactly what I wanted and am anxious to get started on making my dragonflies to hang on our wood fence in the back yard.  Of course I'll post photos on here once I get them assembled and hung.

Friday night at Shirley's was fun!  I'm hoping she's leaving the tables set up permanently and will plan another card making party real soon. 


Ann Marie said...

Beautiful cards Linda! And you are too artistic! I wish I could go to one of Shirley's card parties!

M from Texas said...

What fun! Thanks for sharing your party!

Brenda said...

What awesome cards Linda! You and Shirley make a great team!! I know she did all the hard work, but you assembled them, so to me you ladies are great together! Looks like you ladies had an awesome time!! I'm so jealous of you guys!!! lol In a good way of course!