Thursday, February 2, 2012

Promarker Storage

After seeing a "custom made" rack online to store Promarkers, I decided to post how I store mine again.  You can store 50 Promarkers in only 4" x 6 1/2" of desk space.  All the storage racks I've seen take up a lot more room or wall space.  The last rack I saw was plexiglass, made to be hung on the wall or standing with an easel on a desktop.  It would have taken up the majority of my work table surface!

I've tried various methods of storing my Promarkers so that they'd be convenient for me to use.  This method has worked best for me.

The green container I use is a case manufactured to hold 50 rounds of .50 caliber rifle ammunition.  I'd looked everywhere for something like this and finally found what I needed at a gun shop! They cost around $5 per box; compare that to over $70 for the racks I've seen online!

The openings are just the right size for the pointed tip on the Promarker lids to fit inside and stand upright.

This is the information on the bottom of the box.  I just snapped the lid off and inserted the markers.  If I want to take them to a crop, I just place a rubber band around the markers, sit the box lid on top and secure it with another rubber band.

See how nicely 50 markers fit?   I added the colored stickers on the ends of the markers to make it easier to identify the colors.  Each marker is numbered and corresponds to the color chart I made.

It was super simple to do using Excel.  I can add more colors as I get them.  The actual colors help me out a lot when I'm deciding on which ones to use.

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Enfys said...

Brilliant idea Linda. Problem is, we don't have gun shops in the UK, darn it.