Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Why I scraplift cards....

This morning I woke up with this card idea in my head.  I would use glossy paper, which I love, only white and red and would put a black scalloped border inbetween.

As I lay there in my snug, warm bed considering this, I decided to emboss the white paper.  So far, so good.

After my morning coffee, I opened my Design Studio and used Accent Essentials to cut the black scalloped strip.  I thought a wider strip would look nicer than using a border punch.

Here's the first card.  After I got it assembled, the black scallop looked too plain so I added som doodledots. 

Still not what I pictured in my mind, so...

I decided to omit the black scallop, which didn't cut the way I thought it would anyway.  This is attempt #2.

I like the clean lines of this card, but it's just not "working".  Without the scallop, it's just half red/half white.

This is the last attempt on this one!  And I like it a lot.  I used my Cuttlebug to emboss both the white and red glossy paper.  The photo doesn't show up the embossed area on the red like in person.   I'll be making multiples of this one for my CFS box!


Shawnee said...

I love the embossing on this card. Beautiful!

Charlotte Cornett said...

Love all of the designs you have!!

Rachel said...

I actually love all 3 of these cards! I do like this post though because it shows the process you took to get the final card that you really loved. It's interesting because it's more than just the one card. There's a story behind it!