Sunday, January 30, 2011

Living room and bathroom update

East side of Living Room.  Tired of all that brown wood!

The half wall has got to go.  And isn't the light fixture lovely?

You can kind of see here just how brown and dark this stuff makes the living room!

Entry tile.  Can you say 1970?

Another 70's touch in the main bath.  The bad thing is, I like them! They put the light where it's needed when you're doing you hair, etc.  But they are soooo outdated!

At least the light fixtures go well with the Harvest Gold countertop!

Harvest Gold fixtures and tile have to stay, for now.  There's country style wallpaper on the walls with little blue and gold tulips on it.  That I'll be removing myself.
Here's photos I shot on January 30th before any work was done.  I had removed about 99% of the knick knacks in the living room getting ready to start tearing down the ceiling.  Unfortunately, I didn't take time to straighten up the bathroom before I made the photos.  Now you can see how messy I am on a daily basis! lol!

I'm keeping my fingers crossed (and my toes, too) that by this time next week I can post the photos of the finished redo.

We're painting the shelves and TV stand on either side of the fireplace, tearing out the popcorn ceilings and the half-wall in the entry as well as the entry tile. The front door will be replaced and hung so that it will open to the left instead of the right to give us better light and access into the living room.

I wanted to remove the fireplace too but got talked out of doing that!  Several years ago we did away with the flue and just have gas logs in it so it's not even a working fireplace any longer.  But the way it's built into the house makes it a real problem to try and remove it--especially in February since we'd be taking out the east wall of the room and opening it up into an unheated garage space!

In the bathroom, the mirror will be cut down, the fir-down above the mirror removed, sconce lights installed on either side of the mirror, popcorn ceiling and wallpaper are going away and a new vanity top and sink installed.

We bought our house almost 15 years ago.  Had it all painted inside and new carpet installed before we moved in.  This is the longest time we've ever spent in a single location and I'm ready to do a renovation! lol!

A couple of months ago, we installed new HVAC systems and had to go overhead with our duct work.  We put off doing that until we were ready to replace the carpeting so we can cover up the old floor ducts that have been plugged off.

When it's time for the flooring to be done, I'll have to pack up my entire craft room so the laminate can go down in here.  That's a good/bad thing.  It's going to be a hassle, but it's a great way to clean this room really well! lol!

The kitchen was gutted and completely redone last spring so when we get this project completed we'll have done about all we plan to do to the house.

Of course I'll have to try and remember to post some demolition photos too!  Here's a link to before and after photos of the kitchen remodel.


okie_ladybug said...

Your couch looks brown in the picture...IT IS BROWN THAT'S WHY!!

Linda said...

Yes, it looks brown because of the flash BUT HOW MANY TIMES DO I HAVE TO TELL YOU IT'S PAPRIKA --NOT BROWN! lol!

Raskle said...

Looks like it is going to be a lot work, but nice in the end! Linda-Don't forget, SPRAY PAINT can change the look of a light fixture if you can't/don't want to replace it but want it "updated" There are lots of different colors/metals/finishes you can get these days (even a pounded metal finish-out of a can!)

Linda said...

That light fixture is so 70's you couldn't put enough spray paint on it! lol!

My hallway fixture will be replaced also.

I've watched so many HGTV shows like Designed to Sell and seen how they cover everything up to get a sale. This project is one I'll have to live with for a long time so we aren't really taking any shortcuts. Gotta get it done while I'm in the mood! lol!

Amanda said...

I am a home improvment geek--even though I don't have a house to reno! Can't wait to see the after pictures.