Sunday, January 30, 2011

Homemade wobblers

If you live in a rural area with no LSS or Hobby Lobby nearby and you want to try some new craft item you only have a couple of choices, either order online and wait forever or figure out how to make your own.

The wobblers I've been seeing added onto cards and layouts fascinated me.  I thought it would be a nice way to add some dimension onto my CFS cards so I just experimented until I figured them out.

After seeing a video on Youtube showing how the wobblers were used I began my search for a type of wire, spring or something to use to make one.

Wire collapses when compressed so you lose your "wobble".  The people at our local lumberyard know me so they're never surprised when I come in and ask for something that I have no idea what it's called.  I searched through their drawers full of springs and found on that I thought might work.  But, then I figured I'd cut myself trying to clip it into sections and tape the curly piece onto a piece of cardstock.

Plastic is safer!  Tonight I had an inspiration and got about 14" of DH weedeater line.  I wrapped it tightly around the handle of a wooden spoon, using some wire to secure both ends of the plastic line to the spoon handle. 

I put the kettle on the stove and brought water almost to a boil, stood the spoon up in a glass jar and poured the hot water over it to cover.  I left the spoon in the hot water for about 45 minutes, pulled it out and let it lay on the countertop until it was completely cooled.

Here's what I wound up with.  It's almost 1" in diameter.  A little larger than what I wanted but it will work.

Using a pair of wire cutters I snipped off a couple of rounds.  Then I punched two 1 1/4" circles out of white cardstock.

I attached both ends of the curled line to the cardstock using plain old Scotch tape.

And, here's the finished wobbler!

Not very fancy, but it will work.  I told DH that I need something smaller in diameter than my wooden spoon to wrap the line around since it relaxed quite a bit after I removed it and so the spiral turned out larger than what I wanted.  He says he has some dowel rods in the shop and he'll find one smaller so I can try to make one that will be smaller than 1" in diameter.


owlbeescrappin said...

Oh so cool! TFS....I am going to have to try this! I heard that someone used wire ties from trash bags; they just removed the paper on them. Haven't tried it since I have a huge box of trash bags with the handles on them and of course no wire ties with those. But I LOVE your idea since it is plastic and it looks so professional!

Vanessa said...

Very clever! I love your DIY attitude! TFS

trentfamily said...

How clever! :)

Anonymous said...

Love it! I haven't even seen them in Tulsa yet, so I will be trying this out. Thanks for the tip!
Betty Latty

Linda said...

owlbescrappin----wire will just compress down and you won't have any real "spring" once it's compressed by going through postal machines.

It will still give some lift to the item but won't hold it up off the surface like the plastic will.

Since the curl was heat set in the plastic it won't come out.

ownhomedog said...

how very creative - i will have to try this too! tfs

Country Twinkle said...

Way to go Linda! My closest craft shop is 45 mins away and with all this snow I'm not getting there anytime soon so I Thank You for the idea. Have to raid DH's shed this weekend for his weedeater string. TFS!

Liza Henderson said...

that is awesome!!! I too, don't have any shops near me. But I do have a walmart! Weedeater string, it is :)