Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Thinking of You Card

Now that we've returned our 9 month old grandson to his mother, I can finally get this card posted.  He's just learned to crawl and so you don't dare turn your back on him to do anything while he's on the loose!  I enjoy keeping him but after three days I'm exhausted.  Guess that's another reason why God doesn't give women in their 60's babies--we grandmas need our sleep!

This card was seen on Pinterest and I was unable to locate the original poster.  I do know that it came from a Stampin' Up site for their demonstrators but I wasn't able to access the original photo to give credit.

Using my card making software, I printed the sentiment in an area that would fit inside the open portion of a Cuttlebug folder and embossed the card front.  The stamps are some inchies that I've had for a while.


Vanessa said...

Very nice card! I have a few inchie stamps I've never used--this is the perfect inspiration!

I love your comment about grandmas needing sleep. My husband and I (who are raising our two granddaughters) are always joking when we're exhausted, "This is why old people shouldn't have children!"

Carolyn/MamaC said...

What a lovely card! Thank you for the instructions. And..thank you for reminding me about those inches! I love how you used them.