Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Tightwad Tip

Sometimes you can find some real bargains in our local Walmart store's markdown aisle.  I keep my eyes open for marked down invitations and envelopes, hoping to find some at a really good price.  I go through thousands of envelopes each year making cards for Operation Write Home and Cards for Soldiers so I love a bargain!

Recently, I found a large stack of  Thank You notes with envelopes for around .25 per package.  I knew I would never use that many notes but they were A2 size, so I grabbed them all just for the envelopes inside the packages.

These are printed on an off white shade of paper.  I cut the fronts off and set the card backs aside to use for stamping. 

These are obviously intended to use as wedding gift thank you's since they have the entwined hearts.

The gold frame around the edge looked like something I'd use for more formal type cards so I used a ruler and cut it out.

It's just leaning on a colored card base so it's easier to see.  I think it looks pretty good!

After looking at the first one I cut, I decided that it would look nicer if some of the white paper was left on the inside of the cutout too.  Using a clear ruler, I cut this one with 1/4" of the white paper on the inside.

The heart images fit a 1 3/4" scalloped circle punch.  I'll tuck these aside for Valentines.

These will add some nice detail to my cards, don't you think?  And, I'm counting them as "free" since I bought the packs of notes just for the envelopes!

There were also multiple packages of some bright pink colored Thank You notes.  I cut the solid card backs off and tucked those into my pink cardstock stash.  They'll work for Cricut cuts or for scraps to test my stamps.


Lizzie said...

what a great tip!

Cindyrella said...

Great find! We think alike, I find cards, announcements and such at Goodwill and garage sales and do the same thing with them. I have quite a stash. And I think it's more fun to 'think outside the box'.

AndreaA said...

Great deal Linda. I use to buy them up when I did CFS like that.
Also at the dollar bin you could get them marked down for 25 cents sometimes when the were changing out to something different.
I love you cards!!!

MaryH said...

Super idea. You must be a great precision cutter..I would never be able to cut that straight on the gold outline. Thnx for sharing!

Vickie said...

thanks for the tip Linda. I will have to look.

Anonymous said...

Man! You are just amazing!! I love that you up-cycled a lot of individual parts that can add so much to future projects. I MIGHT have thought of buying just for the envelopes, but you have taught me to look at the whole package in a whole new light! Thank you, thank you, thank you...

Anonymous said...

You are a very clever and talented lady, and I applaud you for your charity, too!

Rosie said...

what a great idea!!! love this