Tuesday, May 22, 2012

"Shell Phone" Card

This poor little thing gets reception on her "shell phone" like I do on my cell phone! Unfortunately, I catch myself saying "Can you hear me now?" way too often!

 The phone images and the photo are clip art, the patterned paper is Graphic 45.  I used Tim Holtz paper and die to cut the scalloped border and Distress Ink on the photo and background paper.

I realized, after assembling this, that I should have printed the phones all over an entire sheet of paper so that they'd not just be hanging in space.  Oh, well! Back to the drawing board!


AndreaA said...

Cute card Linda.
If you want to stamp more phones on there, couldn't you still.
Just slip a post it note under or over what you don't want stamped.
I have done that a few different times.

Anonymous said...

Love your clean and simple vintage-style... others can be overwhelming but yours is just perfect! Love the little touches -- the postmark stamp and the edging between the two papers.


Linda said...

Good suggestion, Andrea. I forget about doing the masking technique. These aren't stamped images though. They're clip art I found online and just printed with card making software onto the blue cardstock.

I need to go back, copy and paste the images a couple of more times to get some onto the outer edges of the blue cardstock.

MaryH said...

I think the card looks great! And even though these are digi's, you could mask & overstamp. Still think it's great looking just the way it is!!! TFS