Friday, March 7, 2014

Lead Me Not Into Temptation---Reprinted

I posted this back in 2011 and it's still pretty applicable today.  Online shopping is one of the best/worst things I've learned to do since getting the internet 17 years ago!

 Last Wednesday evening I purged my patterned paper and donated a stack about five inches high to a high school art program.  There was not a thing wrong with any of the paper; I'd just looked at it so long without using it that it was time for it to go.

Truthfully, I don't miss any of it.  The extra space in my storage cubes is really nice.  Now, when I do need to find a sheet of paper, I can pull out the Cropper Hopper containers and thumb through the sheets easily.

Being on a "let's get organized and pare down to just the supplies I like/will use" binge meant that I made the promise to myself again to "use what I have before I buy any new stuff."   My resolve was strong enough that I walked through the LSS with Shirley, saw multiple papers and stacks that I drooled over and walked out empty handed!

Then, in my email this morning was a message from an online craft supply offering free shipping on an order of $25 or more!  This company has great prices on some of my favorite cardstock and they carry the elusive Glue Dot adhesive I've searched high and low for too! 

Before I realized what I'd done, my shopping cart had 10 packs of cardstock and several boxes of Glue Dots in it!  My eyes had glazed over from searching their online inventory trying to decide just how many punches I could add to my punch drawer without breaking the drawer runner!

That craft supplier knew what they were doing when they sent out that email!  Put the temptation of free shipping in front of a crafter who lives in an area with no craft store nearby, and we'll jump at the opportunity!

As I reached the point of checking out, credit card number ready to go, my little "craft conscience" whispered in my ear "Where are you going to store all that cardstock?  And do you really think you'll use ten different shades of lilac?"  and I snapped out of my shopping trance.

I didn't delete the items in my cart at that point, but I did stop and really consider the wisdom of making the purchase (while resting my cursor on the "check out now" button).  Taking a deep breath and having just a few seconds to reconsider, I did not make the purchase. As my cursor slowly moved to the red "X" in the corner of the screen to close the page, I felt a little lighter for not having given in.

Besides, I don't need anyone else to lead me into temptation......with a high speed internet connection, I can find it all by myself!

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