Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Peace On Earth Charger Plate

Kat Schriber was kind enough to post photos of the charger plates she'd made to give some of us on the Old Cricut Community page some inspiration.  I thought the gold design on a green plate was really nice and so I pretty much copied hers.

The center design is from the Silhouette store.  I just added some swirls from a couple of Cricut cartridges around the outer edge.

The gold vinyl cuts differently than solid color vinyl.  I had to adjust my blade depth, etc. to get a decent kiss cut.  The first time I cut it, my Cameo cut right through the backing too.  I tried to salvage the design but it has thin cuts and they got wrinkled--which did not make me happy!  I don't like to waste materials.

1 comment:

KAT said...

I think my gold was thinner too. I don't remember for sure. I only have a little pc left. I ordered some, but it isn't here yet.
I love all your chargers. they're fun aren't they?