Tuesday, October 22, 2013

"Frozy Frame"

I've spent more time getting this frame done than any of my other vinyl projects.  The dimensions of the frame made it difficult for me to decide just what to do with it.  I thought the sentiment was cute and wracked my brain trying to come up with a layout for it.  This is why I don't design original pieces, it just takes me too long to put the pieces together. 

The icicles and snowflakes on the burlap background are cut from Mica Paper.  I etched snowflakes onto the surface of the glass with my blasting cabinet and added the sentiment on the inside of the glass.  The letters are cut from silver metallic vinyl with black shadows.

This photo was taken before I had completely assembled the frame.  The gold cords on the jingle bells were removed, of course!

Since the frame is stark white, I'll be adding a large bow around the outer edge.  It's still several weeks until the craft show so I'll wait to put bows on any of the items I'm taking so they won't get crushed.

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