Friday, October 18, 2013

Grandma's House Charger Plate

Cornerstone is the font I chose for this charger plate.  I love how easy it is in Make The Cut to create a shadow layer for text!  So much easier than struggling like I used to while using a Cricut and Design Studio software!

This is a design that I made myself...I know, don't faint!  I didn't copy it from something I saw online!


Tammy said...

so cute said...

This is just so fun, did you use vinyl. Would love the file if it is a svg and would like to share. I think every Grandmother should have one of these for when there babies come over. Great job Linda! Have a lovely weekend.

AndreaA said...

Linda, I keep saying this is now my favorite.
This is adorable.
When in truth, they all are my favorites. They just keep getting better( or cuter) :)

Linda said...

The file is in Make The Cut format.