Friday, April 5, 2013

Seminole Patchwork Projects

Quite a while ago I did a post with photos of my projects of Seminole Patchwork.   I've been asked why I no longer do this craft and to provide links to instructions on how to make it.    I'll tell you why I no longer make the patchwork, but, search engines work just the same for you as they do for me and you can find your own links if you're interested.

After participating in art shows for several years, I just became burned out.  I made approximately 3000 of the handbags in the photo plus dozens of vests, full length skirts and other patchwork embellished items..  Whenever I was preparing for a show, I would make strips of patchwork 10 - 12 yards long in each pattern.  Then I'd make the item it would be sewed onto. 

My plan, back in the 90's was to continue to do the patchwork projects and travel the US doing shows.  I'd built up my reputation by participating in shows in Oklahoma, New Mexico, Kansas, Missouri and Texas and had been invited to exhibit in shows across the US. This seemed like a good way to travel and a fun thing to do after DH and I retired.

But, plans do change.  And I realized that I'd be working like a dog 3-4 months of the year while at home to get ready for the shows on the road.  DH worked overseas for eight years and when he retired, he really wanted to be at home rather than still living out of a suitcase.  So, I made the decision to stop making the patchwork.

Seminole Patchwork is a labor of love.  It's not expensive to make, but it's extremely labor intensive.  If you go online and do a little research, you'll find quite a bit if information on how the construction is done and beautiful examples of truly intricate designs.

I still have all my patterns, tons of fabric, and the ability to do the patchwork.  But, for now, my interests lie elsewhere.  

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