Sunday, June 10, 2012

Using Kallio Kalleidoscope Papers

This is one of the 8 x 8 papers that Kallio Kalleidoscope sent for me to try out.  I wanted to see if it was heavy weight enough paper to emboss without the image on the surface being torn.  I've embossed other single sided papers and had the white show through from the back.

I'm pleased to say that her paper embossed cleanly and no white showed through at all.  The one I chose has a softened image of daisies in the background so I just cut some daisies from Graphically Speaking and popped them onto an embossed band of yellow paper.

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MaryH said...

Lovely card, and it looks embossed beautifully. A tip I found from another blogger: when using 'lightweight' cardstock, emboss TWO pieces at once. I've been trying that, and it doesn't 'cut through' the first piece as much. Don't know if that would help with what you described as seeing the 'white background'. Thanks for sharing your beautiful card.