Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Making Christmas Cards

The past couple of days have been spent making Christmas cards to give as gifts.  Today I put some sets of the cards into a Christmas tin along with one of the bottles of Santa-tizer and delivered them to our neighbors, Kay and Donna.  They both thought the cards were neat and the Santa-tizer was cute.  But, it wasn't a surprise; they'd seen the post on my blog.  Oh, well.  LOL!

Tonight I finished a Holiday Sanity Kit for another friend.  I'll post photos in a few days since I know she lurks on here. So, at least she won't know beforehand what's in the box.


Brenda said...

Love these cards Linda! They are simple but oh so elegant!!

nanas said...

Love the cards by the way this is wilma from hobbylobby. the lady that knows nothing love your blog.