Thursday, November 17, 2011

Christmas Gift - Glass Etched Mugs

This was my project this evening.  I have two of the sweetest great-nephews so I made these mugs for them.  They're going into a goodie basket with some flavored hot chocolate mixes and some cash.  Both boys are old enough that they will appreciate having some extra spending money but I didn't want to just give them cash or another gift card this year.

I found the mugs at Walmart and used Armor Etch to put their initials on the side.  Not very complicated at all.

The light on my work table made the glare beside the letters.  I tried several different alphabets before realizing the Pooh Font would work best.  Dealing with the curvature on the side of the mug was a little problem with some of the other fonts I tried.


char52 said...

Very nice! I am etching some wine glasses this year to go with bottles of wine. Worked on the tags tonight to put on the bottles.

Robin's Crafty Thing's said...

They look great! I got some stuff to etch, then realized i don't have etching cream anymore :)

Anonymous said...

Great minds think alike! I etched mugs last year with the giftees' names for hostess gifts, kids, friends, etc. and made up little gift baskets with beverages and cookies. BTW, HK font works really well too! This year it's glass blocks and ornaments for my own home! Love to etch!