Sunday, November 6, 2011

Oklahoma Earthquake

In the great scheme of things, our 5.6 magnitude earthquake last night was like shaking a bowl of Jello.

That said, it was one of the weirdest things I've ever experienced.  It only lasted a few seconds but it totally disoriented me and made me nauseated while the house was swaying and shaking.

Now I can't imagine how the people in California, Alaska, Japan and New Zealand deal with the major quakes they have!   Californians wonder how we can stand living in Oklahoma with our tornadoes...but I'll take them any day over another earthquake!  At least you can get in a hidey-hole when one of them hits.  During a severe earthquake, I don't think there's anywhere you can hide!  And, earthquakes can't be predicted.


Carrie K said...

I am glad to hear it was a little one with no majot damage! LOVE that picture! Too funny!

char52 said...

Earthquakes are strange. When we had ours in NJ in August it was the weirdest sensation! Give me a nor'easter over that!

Anonymous said...

So sorry Linda! I am in CT and we are on day 9 of the power outage. DH has the generator going and we actually have internet back today so I'm catching up on your lovely creations! Mother Nature is sure throwing everyone a curve!