Sunday, November 20, 2011

My beautiful grandchildren

My favorite saying is that "God doesn't make any ugly grandkids."  Every grandparent is prejudiced and thinks their grandchildren are the prettiest!

Yesterday we took Edie, Evan, Charlee and Cooper to have their pictures taken.  It was great that our son, Gene, was able to be there so I could get shots of him with Edie and Cooper.  Time gets away from us so fast and I wanted to capture the kids before they get any older!

This is my oldest, Edie.  She'll be eighteen in just ten days.  That's just unbelievable; I remember so vividly the day she was born!

Here's the newest light of our lives, Cooper.  He'll be four months old tomorrow and we just think he's pretty special.

 In between Edie and Cooper, we have two other youngsters that we consider ours too.  This is Evan, the big brother.

And his sister, Charlee.

All three of the older kids are just great with Cooper.  No wonder he's always got a smile on his face---someone's always holding him and playing with him!


Carrie said...

love the pictures! they came out great! Can't believe how big Cooper is!!!

Carrie K said...

Great pics! I know what you mean. My youngest will be two next week and the oldest will be 10 next week. Where does the time go?

Anonymous said...

Lovely! No wonder you're such a happy grandma!

Vanessa said...

What precious grandchildren! Thanks for sharing the photos!