Wednesday, June 15, 2011

If you can't find Smashbook supplies in your area

Smashbook supplies still haven't made it into the Michael's or Hobby Lobby in our area but I found this cool spiral book of images by Tim Holtz that are going to be perfect to add to my Smashbook!

There are nine, 12.75 x 6"  pages of vintage/shabby stickers, a total of 372 stickers and it was only $4.99.  Of course, I used a 50% off coupon to buy it so it was only $2.50!  I'm not a big fan of stickers but Tim Holtz does such great vintage things that I had to have these.

 Love these butterflies and the postcard images!
 Just the other day I was looking for a map to use on a card front!
 In the lower left corner there's a report card from an Oklahoma City school from the early 1900's and a perfect attendance award.
I'm going to hate to use these buttons because they'll be gone...but they're going to work great with some sewing themed stamps I have.
 Alphabet stickers are something I've never used!  I may just scatter them throughout the pages of my Smashbook.
 I'm so glad I found this pad of stickers so that I'll have some good images to include in my Smashbook. 


KAT said...

linda, can you 'scan' the buttons? then use?

i know it's cheating a little, but if i have something i know won't be reproduced anymore, and i have my last copy, this is what i do.

KAT said...

btw...whats the name of this sticker pack? i have two of 'his' called lost and found and seasonal.

Linda said...

Kat--that's exactly what I planned to do! It's not often you find decent looking stickers and that way I can get them onto cardstock and they won't look so much like a sticker. I don't care for the shiny look of stickers.

Crystal aka Caitlynsmommy said...

Linda if you dont like the shiny look, why not scuff them up a bit with light sandpaper? Will add to the vintage feel. I like these stickers but not sure I would use most of them, like most of his things I find them great but not really usable for me personally.

Vanessa said...

I love Tim Holtz! His designs are so unique and creative. Even at $4.99, this pack seems like a good deal. (But why pay retail if you don't have to?)

Thanks for sharing!