Monday, June 6, 2011

Summer is on us!

Warm, well let's face it, HOT, weather has come to Oklahoma.  It's been in the high 90's most of this week.  And I've had quite a bit of stuff to tend to outside since Fred can't get around on his own yet.  It's been almost impossible for me to carve out enough time to do any cards or crafting!

I've been preparing for some company too.  Our good, long time friends, John and Jackie came in from Massachusetts for a couple of days.  We certainly enjoy seeing them and getting the chance to catch up on the changes in our lives as well as our children.

Time gets away from me these days!  Last night we were talking with John and Jackie about things that happened thirty years ago!  Back then we were all running in circles raising our kids and trying to stay active in several charity and community organizations.  Now, as of this Wednesday, all four of us are Social Security age!  We all commented about "where did the time go?".  It just doesn't seem possible that it was so long ago that my son, who had a driver's license, agreed to pick up their daughter each morning and take her to early band practice.

My son now has a 17 year old daughter and a new son to be born next month.  Their daughter has three children from ages 12 to 8! 

I guess my point in this rambling post is that no matter how many years go by, friends that are true friends can see you every day or move across country and each time you get together it's as if the time and distance don't exist!


Carrie K said...

I hear ya! My high school class is having a 25 year reunion next month! How can that be? I am only 29!! LOL

Anonymous said...

So true! And you don't realize how many years have passed until you are reminded about something that happened in the 1960's and someone says "that was xx years ago!"
carolyn in nebraska