Tuesday, December 16, 2014

It seemed like such a simple idea...

Even I find it hard to believe that I spent over 3 hours getting this card laid out and completed.  It seemed like such a simple idea.  Then it took me forever to find, trace, print and cut, then color the owls and the branch.  There are hundreds of MTC and Silhouette files on my computer and no simple tree branch or cutesy owl among them.

Once I found a clip art image that I liked of the owl, it didn't take too long to get it replicated in Silhouette software, traced, and do a print and cut.

A search of clip art images yielded several branches that would have worked but I could never get a decent traced image.  They all had double cut lines and I just couldn't get them eliminated.  If I used the shadow option, the detail on the leaves was lost since the branch is so small.

In desperation, I went to the Silhouette store and bought the branch file.  Then realized- after messing around with it in the Silhouette software for about 30 minutes - that I really, really don't like to cut things with that program.  So, I did a trace in MTC and got them cut the correct size.

Granted, part of the 3 hours was spent walking back and forth to the kitchen and snacking on sausage balls I made.  The house smelled so good, I couldn't stay out of them!

In the end, I'm satisfied with the way this card turned out.  It will work well for Valentine's Day, an anniversary or an I love you card any time of the year.

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