Saturday, June 21, 2014

Flying Out For Lunch

DH and I were just piddling around the house this morning finishing up our coffee when our neighbor, Ken, called to ask if we'd like to fly somewhere for breakfast.

I believe that Ken was a little concerned that I'd be afraid so his wife, Karen, and DH sat in the rear seats and I sat up front.  He explained a lot of the process and how to read the instrument panel as we took off and landed.  We all had headphones on so I could hear him talking with the tower and it made it quite easy for us to talk to each other too.

My job with Fleming Co. required me to do a lot of flying on a regular basis.  I haven't flown much since leaving Fleming and haven't been in a small plane in a really long time.  The only problem I had was getting into and out of the plane.  It's pretty tight quarters even in a six passenger plane.  Getting out is definitely something I'll have to work on.  Thankfully, the airport wasn't crowded and no one saw me wrestling myself up and out onto the wing!

Today's flight was pretty short; he flew into Wiley Post airport in Oklahoma City where we ate a nice breakfast before heading back home.

 DH, Karen and Ken outside the restaurant.  We sat there for a while watching small planes and jets take off and land.

 Ken was resting up, checking weather, etc. before starting back home.  Tinker Air Force base hosted an air show today so he anticipated a lot of air traffic in the Oklahoma City area.
Once the plane was refueled, we took off headed toward home.  Ken took a route north of the original path he flew this morning and used his instruments to navigate back to the local airport.  It was fascinating to see the plane on the screen and watch our progress to where he needed to change directions, etc.

What a neat way to spend a Saturday morning!  I'm so glad we were invited to go!


Sue Painter said...

Totally cool beans.

Vickie said...

that as kewl. thanks for taking us along.

Brenda said...

Wow, what a way to spend a Saturday morning Linda!! You have a very nice and very cool neighbor. I would have had a hard time trying to get myself in and out of the plane too. Graceful and agile I'm not nor have I ever been even when the joints moved! lol Thanks for taking us along Linda. Hugs, Brenda