Friday, November 1, 2013

Bless The Food Floating Frame

This is the largest vinyl project I've done.  The frame is 11" x 14".  I used Lobster 1.4 font and a corner decoration found online.

Doing a floating frame is pretty easy.  You don't have to mirror your lettering since it's applied onto the surface of the piece of glass in the rear.

I had tried to use a much more elaborate font to do this and my machine was just not cooperating this evening!  After ruining a couple of pieces of vinyl, I gave up and changed the font.


Anonymous said...

Can you cut the vinyl in a specific font? would you be able to use a cricut with it?

Linda said...

I no longer use a Cricut because you're limited to fonts on their cartridges. This was cut with Make The Cut software. With it you can use any font you have on your computer.

Yes, you could definitely do this with a Cricut, you'd just need to use a font from one of their cartridges or buy a digital font and use Cricut Craft Room.