Sunday, February 17, 2013

Applying Vinyl Onto Wineglasses and Tumblers

 If you're getting started applying vinyl onto round surfaces, you know how difficult it can be to keep the a glass in one spot while lining up your design.  I've seen a couple of tools designed to hold items but knew I wouldn't do enough of these to make it worthwhile to buy one.  Here's my "almost free" solution.  All you need is some fabric and any type of dried pea, bean, rice or corn. 

The blue fabric bag underneath the glass is a microwaveable "corn sack".  It's filled with deer corn and is intended to be heated up and used as a heating pad for sore muscles. 

While trying to stabilize a glass the other day while applying vinyl letters, I remembered that I'd made several of these for gifts a few years ago, pulled one out and it works like a charm!

The bag is long enough that the corn moves around inside.  Just "snuggle" the glass into the corn so that it holds it firmly.  The advantage of using the corn sack over the tool I saw online is that you're not limited to a particular size or shape of item.  Since the corn moves around, you can manipulate it to hold any shape or size item.  Then when you're not using it, just pop it back into the freezer to have on hand as a cold pack for any injury that requires ice. LOL!


okieladybug or okie_ladybug said...

But how do we know it works to apply the vinyl. I don't see no stinkin vinyl on that glass!

Linda said...

Trust me. It works!

Thought about putting one of the finished glasses on it but knew you wouldn't be able to see the lettering!

Sue Painter said...

I've got some of those neck things, too. Awesome tip, thanks!

Carrie said...

I saw a display with contrasting tissue paper this week and thought it would be perfect to help see what is on the vinyl. BTW, your idea is excellent!!!