Thursday, December 6, 2012

Wipe Off Board

Another idea seen on Pinterest that I had to do!  I used 5 x 7 easel frames, added a bow and attached a dry erase pen to the outer edge of the frame and inserted a piece of notebook paper inside the frame. 

These would make great co-worker gifts since the easel stand on the back would keep the frame upright on a desk top. 

If you live close to a fabric shop or somewhere to buy craft supplies, consider yourself extremely fortunate!  The town I live in is so small that the only resources here come from the Dollar General store or WalMart.  So, my choice for ribbon to use on these was severely limited!

The frames I chose have the silver pearl border around the glass area so these didn't need any additional bling--which is a good thing, because I'd have to drive over 25 miles to the nearest shop that might have some!

These are so simple and quick to make that I may have to start a new series and call it "30 Minute Gifts"!

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Anonymous said...

What a great idea !!!!