Sunday, December 9, 2012

Goodies From the Party Last Night

Here are photos of some of the items from last night's party. 

 It took me some finagling to get this tin of recipe cards.  This item was from the auction.  I kept bidding on boxes that looked the right size to have one of these inside and getting something else.

Kimmy Bagwell and I swapped one of our auction items.  She wanted the greeting card set I had and I wanted the tin.  A win-win situation for us both!

Shirley makes a huge batch of Hurricane punch every year.  This year, surrounding the punchbowl on the sideboard, she had personalized glasses for each of us.  No more lost cups!
 A close up shot of the Shrinky Dink charm she added to our pens in our gift bags.  We had to have these to play a couple of the crazy games she had planned.

Each of us got a snow filled glass ornament in our goodie bag.  She personalized them with our first initial;  there's some bling and a snow white feather attached on the top.  She even made the box to store these in.

Shirley's annual party is one of those "you had to be there" situations.  I can attempt to tell you how much fun we all had, how hard we laughed, the embarrassing photos, videos and emails that went out, and how pretty her house looked and you'd still only get a smidgen of what went on.  I'm hoping after she rests up for a day or two that she'll write a post on her blog and provide detailed information and some photos.

You know it's a great party when you have guests that fly in from Florida, Texas and Arizona just to attend.  Kimmy Bagwell drove all the way from Austin, TX and Robyn Abbott all the way from Clinton, OK!  It's definitely worth the trip to attend!

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Brenda said...

That Shirley knows how to throw a party!! Sounds like you guys had an awesome time! Great goodies you got too, she can throw a great party and give awesome gifts too-so people get all the talent! lol