Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Delicata Squash With Bacon

A friend was talking about making this dish from Delicata squash a couple of weeks ago.  I'd never heard of that variety of squash and had to Google it to find out more about it.

Yesterday, while walking through a local grocery, I saw them and decided to try this recipe out on Fred.

I had read online that the squash was easy to peel but that step's not necessary since the peel is edible.  I chose to peel mine rather than ingest any type of coating with which the shipper might have coated it.

This is based on a dish seen online.  There were no ingredients list or written directions so I just played it by ear.  The result is surprisingly tasty; even Fred said it was good!


2 Delicata squash, peeled, seeded and diced
8-10 slices of turkey bacon
1 bunch of green onions, sliced
salt and pepper

Fry turkey bacon until just before it's completely done.  It will continue to cook when you add it to the squash.

Remove bacon from skillet and dice , wipe skillet with a paper towel.

Add 2-3 teaspoonsful of vegetable oil, squash and onions.  Cook over medium high heat until squash is almost tender.

Add diced bacon, salt and pepper to taste and continue to cook until squash is tender.

This squash tastes remarkably like diced potatoes when it's cooked this way.  This dish would make a good breakfast, in my opinion.  It might even be good with some cream gravy poured on top!

I still can't believe I used turkey bacon!  But, that's what was in the original recipe.


Brenda said...

I've never heard of this kind of squash either Linda, but it sounds pretty darn good! I guess anything with bacon (turkey or pork) is good! lol

MaryH said...

Never heard of this type of squash, but then there's lots of stuff in the veg aisle that I don't know what it is, nor how to cook it! This sounds delicious. You have a good DH to be willing to try new foods. LOL. TFS