Saturday, September 29, 2012

Still Making Cards, Just No Pictures

The box of cards for Operation Write Home is going to be filled with simple cards this time.  I mailed the last box just a few days ago and now have over 60 cards finished and in the box.  I'm trying to use up some single sheets of cardstock I have on hand.

There's a ton of cardstock in my JetMax cubes but not very many multiple sheets of the same color.  It drives me nuts when I pull out one of the Cropper Hoppers to search for a color and discover there's only one sheet!

Today I made a mad dash to Oklahoma City searching for papers to use for a recipe album I have in my mind.  While I was there, I stopped into Michael's and found the had 12 x 12 cardstock on sale, 5 sheets for $1.00.  They had emailed a 25% off your total purchase coupon so I took advantage of the sale.  I think I brought home at least 300 sheets.  Now I have 25 sheets of each color, which gives me plenty to work with when I'm making multiples of the same card.

None of the cards I've finished this week is very elaborate.  Most are duplicates of cards I've made in the past and posted photos on here, so, I'm still making cards, just not posting photos!

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