Thursday, September 6, 2012

A Sweet Surprise at the End of a Long Day!

DH and I spent about 10 hours on the road today.  We took our wonderful little grandson, Cooper, home after he spent a few days with us.  Upon checking the mailbox, I found a sweet surprise at the end of this very long day!  There was a package from a Cricut message board friend who lives in Texas.  We met a couple of years ago when a group of us from the message board decided to meet up in Tulsa for some face-to-face fun!

Thank you so very much Michelle P. (I won't put your whole name on here since I don't know if you'd want it divulged!)  The items you sent to me will get put to good use.  How the heck did you know that I always use mechanical pencils and needed some new ones?

I especially want to thank you for the lovely note that you included.  Your kind remarks are very much appreciated.

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M from Texas said...

Aww. So sweet. I have wanted to do something for you for a very, very long time. I let embarrassment of being tardy with a thank you paralyze me many times. Glad you received it on a day that a little pick me up was needed. Blessings!