Thursday, August 23, 2012

S.W.A.K. Card

There are three brand new Cricut cartridges sitting on my work table just waiting to be used and I wind up with card ideas using cartridges I've owned for over two years! LOL!

The lips are from Indie Art, cut from glossy red paper; the letters are from Pooh Font, cut from lime green glitter paper.

A hint for cutting the glitter paper on your Cricut is to turn the paper upside down and flip your letters using Design Studio. { I have no clue if you can flip letters using just the keypad on a Cricut.  Everything, and I mean everything, that I cut with my Expression is done with Design Studio.}   That way the tip of the blade is cutting through the paper backing and not the hard glitter.  When you remove your letters and turn them over, they'll be correctly oriented to adhere.

I tried just putting the letters "S W A K" without the periods and it didn't look right to me.  So, the periods were cut using George and Design Studio.  I put a row of 1" circles onto my mat and then using the handles on the box in Design Studio, I just shrunk them down to the size I needed.  They're a lot like trying to do the eyes from a Disney character cutout---tiny and hard to hang on to!

 Because of the angle of the light, the papers look matte finish.
Here you can see the glitter and the gloss of the red as well as the black striped Stampin' Up background paper.


Karons Krafty Korner said...

Such a fun card Linda - fabulous.

Tammy said...

love the card. even more after your's & Teresa's conversation about it. Thanks for sharing.

Carrie said...

love it! Super Cute!!!