Sunday, August 5, 2012

Reorganizing Handbooks and Overlays

Last year I removed my Cricut cartridge handbooks and overlays from their original boxes and made dividers with tabs for each cartridge and placed them into a Really Useful Box.  Shirley, aka Okieladybug, had shown me to do this.  The cartridge boxes take up too much room and this way you have your handbook and overlay in one place.

The dividers didn't prevent the handbooks from sliding down and winding up underneath the overlays, so today I've spent the afternoon making folders to store them in.

I cut a piece of 8 1/2 x 11" cardstock down to 9 1/2".   Then I scored it at 4 1/2" and 5" to create a gusset in the bottom of the folder.

Okieladybug and I found out that you can no longer buy self-adhesive file folder tabs.  This did not make me happy since I had so many folders to make.

I used Design Studio to weld two tabs together from the Store Front cartridge.  They're adhered to the folders with ATG tape.

Here's how one looks after it's folded and the tab has been attached.

The first box is completed. 

I never use my Expression without Design Studio, so I seldom refer to the handbooks and never use the overlays.  These boxes keep those things nice and neat and dust free.  The boxes fit perfectly into JetMax cubes.

My cartridges are also in a Really Useful Box.  Okieladybug made a cut. file for the little boxes for each individual cartridge.  They're in alphabetical order to make them easy to locate.

This is what the little boxes look like.  I'm sure the file is still available at Okieladybug's blog.


Mona said...

Love it! So cool! Thanks for sharing!!

Sue Painter said...

Wow! You are super-organized, I can see how useful this would be. I just hate giving up all my little "book boxes" of carts, LOL!

AndreaA said...

I keep telling myself that I need to do this. My design studio is on my desktop and its not working.
I sooooo need to get my craft room organized. I am working on it very slowly.
I just ain't an organizer type person. My sweetie could go in my craft room and have it organized in no time. But he would only do it when I was in there so I would know where everything was at.

BethanyR said...

I did mine like this after I saw Okie's post...So much less space than the boxes, easier to find, and easier to take with me when I go scrap with my BFF.

Sorry to hear about your Grandson...that has always a big worry for me.

ladybugstamper said...

Wow, thanks for posting this. I came to a decision to take all my cartridges out of their boxes and store them so I could get to them easily. Now I just need to organize them for easy access, this is a great idea. Thanks.

Brenda said...

This looks wonderful Linda! You are so organized!! What size is the "really usefull box" that you have your carts in??? I have my handbooks in the other "really usefull" boxes, but not sure of the size you are using for your carts.

Linda said...

Brenda, the tag says it's a 4 litre box. It's not much deeper than the height of the cartridges.

Anonymous said...

This may be too late... but my local staples has the adhesive post-it labels that Okieladybug describes... They're in the back with the file folders not the front post-it aisle. (Front and back may not be the same in your store, but most chains are generally the same). So, you maybe able to get some if you still want them! - Karen