Monday, April 2, 2012

Shoes, shoes, shoes

When I was a teenager and got my first job,  I bought a new pair of shoes as often as I could.  Maybe it's because we really didn't have more than a couple of pairs each as kids.  Pretty much we'd get new shoes for school, had a pair for Sunday school and sandals or flip flops for summer.  You wore them until they were worn out or you outgrew them.

By the time I got married, I'd accumulated around 75-80 pairs of shoes and tons of handbags to go with them.  When Fred and I were moving our things into our first apartment, he was astounded that I had so many pairs!

Over the years I've eliminated the majority of my shoes.  Since retiring the Salvation Army and a local women's shelter have received almost all the heels and other dress shoes I wore to the office.  Nowadays, it's pretty much sneakers and flip flops again.

I still collect shoes, just not the ones for my feet.  Hallmark card stores carry a line of collectible figurines called "The Right Shoe".  They're miniature shoes and I have a nice collection of those as well as wall plaques and signs all shoe related.

My sister gave me this apron on Saturday and it's perfect! I love to cook and of course, I love shoes!   I had to coerce Fred into putting it on so I could take a photo of it.  So, those hairy arms in the photo aren't mine!


Ann said...

There you are! Glad to see all is well and your absence was due to your enchantment by your grandson. Did he see Grandpa in your apron? Your husband is a keeper!

Linda said...

Yes, Cooper was in the high chair watching while Grandpa put on the apron and I made the photos.

Vanessa said...

So funny that you got your dear husband to model (and let you tell the world!) I agree with Ann that he's a keeper.

Love the apron! I can totally relate to the shoe thing.

Brenda said...

Fred is a great sport to model the apron!! lol I love the apron as well as the sentiment on it. Although I can no long wear heels, I still love them. And I don't buy shoes now unless they are comfy, so I don't have all the pretty ones anymore-but love looking at them and dreaming!! lol

Heather R... mousemomma said...

Ha ha ha! I was a shoe collector too. I haven't let go of mine yet even though I can't wear them any more. :( I collect paper punches, stamps and ink now instead. LOL!

I love the apron! Where did your sister get it?

Linda said...

Heather, she just told me she'd ordered it from a catalog.

Brenda, all my dressy shoes are now what I call "2 hour" shoes. Good for a wedding or a funeral and after 2 hours they have to come off! lol!