Monday, April 2, 2012

Dragonflies are on the fence

It's taken several months to get this project completed.  Once I saw an artist's rendition of dragonflies made from old table legs and ceiling fan blades, it took me over a month to find the parts needed.  Then I spent three days getting the pieces painted and ready to assemble.

The project was put on hold for three days while keeping our beautiful 8 month old grandson.  Today, the weather cooperated so Fred got them assembled and hung on the fence out back.

It's a good think he's got a large selection of hand tools and various types of hardware on hand. 

 One hung, and the rest are ready to go up.
 He wound up using some really, really long screws to attach the bodies onto the fence.
 After some discussion and re-arrangement, the last one goes up.  It's warm enough that the bermuda grass has come up.  Now, if we'd just get a little rain, maybe it would fill in the areas where Fred sprayed the yard and killed the spring weeds.
The finished project.  Now there's some much needed color on that ugly wooden fence.  Mexican Heather is planted in the wrought iron planters but it's too early for it to be in full bloom.

 This year I planted two types of squash in one raised bed and only put out six tomato plants in the second one.  If we have a repeat of last summer's weather, we won't get a single tomato.  It was so hot during the day and stayed well over 70 degrees at night so the tomato blooms couldn't set.

 There's one more 4 x 4 bed next to these 4 x 8 ones.  I planted lettuce and cucumbers in it.  Raised beds are so much easier to maintain than planting in the ground.  We do have to water twice a day during hot weather but they don't take as much water as a standard garden.


Ann said...

I LOVE dragonflies and these are soooo cute! They do add the right touch to your yard. I miss my vegetable gardens since we moved (clay in this area) but maybe next year I'll try that raised bed! Thanks for all your inspiration in all areas!

Linda said...

We don't have clay---just a thin layer of topsoil over solid rock. Anything we want to plant has to be done in raised beds.

Vanessa said...

What a great way to recycle! The dragonflies are adorable!

Brenda said...

Your dragonflies look awesome Linda!!! And thanks to you I think I will be getting my raised beds now!! So tell Fred thanks for letting me know that the arsenic isn't in the wood anymore!!