Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Critique this card, please!

Here's another TH card.  I like it, but something's just not "right" about it.  Is the butterfly just too close to the color of the card base?  Too big?  What?

Perhaps the type size is too large for the wording other than "caterpillar" and "butterfly"?

I fully admit that I'm color challenged (as well as challenged when it comes to creativity!) so I need to know what you think about it, please.

Tried embossing the clock faces.  Nope.  That's not what I want either, they're now too black against the other elements.  ***sigh***  the quest continues.

I also tried putting some black stickles onto a butterfly and didn't think that looked good either!

This is the one with the purple added to the butterfly.  It shows up more in person than in the photo.  Thanks, Carrie, for the suggestion of adding more color to the image!


Karle said...

i like them both but i will choose the 2nd card if i had to choose. good job linday love it. and i am follower #230 xoxo

Robin's Crafty Thing's said...

I like the second one also with 2 butterflies, but don't like the darker clock faces. HTH

Carrie said...

Love them both, love the distressed look and am working on my technique but am never brave enough to post my trial and errors! LOL

Alaina said...

I like how the clocks are more subtle on the first one and I like the look of the butterflies on the 2nd and 3rd one. So, if it were me I would take the purple butterflies and but them on the 1st card. BTW, that is such a beautiful quote.

Carrie said...

I like them both! I am working my my distressed techniques but am not brave enough to post my attempts! LOL Great job!

Vanessa said...

I actually think the first card is perfect! I'm sure it's just a matter of personal taste, but the subtlety of it appeals to me. They're all really nice. I love that sentiment with the clock faces and butterflies--great job!