Monday, July 25, 2011

A better solution to store my Promarkers

Okieladybug introduced me to Promarkers last year.  They're super easy to use and they almost shade images all by themselves, so even I can color stamped images and make them look decent.

The challenge, once I bought them, was how to store them in a way that they'd be easily accessible. I don't like the storage bags available from Letraset, and they're too expensive.  Okie and Enfys have theirs stored in a CD case made for DJ's to use.  I don't own that many markers and don't have the space for a container that large.

I tried standing them up in a recipe box, it was a perfect size but the colors kept getting mixed up.  I spent one whole afternoon at Wal Mart trying to find a container and wound up with this:

It's a wire basket designed to hold suet cakes for feeding the birds.  Obviously, the markers would slide right out the back so Fred built a wooden box for the wire basket to sit inside.  It works great, I can plainly see the colors of the markers and they're within my reach on my work table.  However, when I go to stamp club, the box and rack are too large to fit into my rolling tote.

So, since last March, I've been searching for another affordable solution.  Today, I found one at a Shooting Supply store and I think it's definitely going to work.

It's a 50 caliber bullet storage box, it has 50 slots inside and cost only $3.99! 

Here it is filled with my Promarkers.  Now instead of having a wooden box that's 10.5 x 8.5 inches  all my markers fit into a box that's 6.75 x 4 inches.

Now, of course, the Promarkers are longer than a 50 caliber bullet, so my solution was to just pop the lid off the hinges. 

If I want to load them into my tote, the lid sits right on top of the markers and can be secured with a rubber band, although the markers fit pretty snugly into the slots.

BIC markers will fit in the case too! 

If you're interested in getting any of these cases for your markers or pens, you can order them online at:  It's Third Generation Shooting Supply in Yukon, Oklahoma .  Phone 405-818-3641
and the UPC on the item is 26057227108 and the tag says RSLD-50-10 GREEN,  50 RD RIFLE FLIP TOP.

The owner of the business and his clerk were extremely helpful today.  I doubt if they get too many women dropping in to buy bullet cases to store art markers!  It took them some time to find just the right one for me in their warehouse.  I told him I was posting this information on my blog and to be prepared if they get a phone call about them! 

I've carried a couple of markers in my purse for weeks, trying to find any kind of storage container that would work, with no luck!  Yes, there are marker racks available but they're either too small for the Promarkers or terribly expensive.  Who wants to pay over $50 for a plastic rack?  That's money that would go a long way toward buying more Tim Holtz paper!


okieladybug or okie_ladybug said...

Pretty cool!! Are ya gonna start feeding birds now that you aren't using your other storage? LOL

Linda said...

It's so hot that you can't hang suet out, it would just melt!

Got two big feeders and a bird bath out front. Not too many birds though.

Brenda said...

What a grand idea Linda!! You always come up with the best ideas. LOL I love this idea and it is good to know that it hold the bic markers as well. Stay cool my friend.

Robin's Crafty Thing's said...

Tim probably has a hundred of these, i got the suet feederx2 but can't take them anywhere, so i guess i'll suck up to my hubby, lol