Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Why I make cards

Whenever I post a new card on my blog, I get asked if it's for Cards for Soldiers or my personal stash.

With very few exceptions, all my cards are done to be contributed to Cards for Soldiers.  I do have a handful of my cards in a basket for my own use, but on the shelf below that basket are two APO Priority Mail boxes full of cards to send to the military.

About every 6 weeks we get a new challenge for CFS and I try to make no less than 150 and most of the time about 250-300 cards for each challenge.

I began cardmaking over three years ago.  At the time I was an avid quilter and had reached the point where I had no more room to store my quilts after they were finished.  I've been doing crafts since I was a child and so I looked around for something new to try.  I began making cards for charity and that's what I've been doing ever since.

Of course, our anniversary and other holidays means I make special cards for Fred and the grandkids.  And, I have two sisters and some friends that I make cards specifically for but everything else goes to charity.

It's been six months since I retired and making cards, going to stamp class and shopping for supplies has become my new "job".  I spend at least six hours a day making cards and when I decide on a layout for one, I make them six at a time.  If it's one I'm really happy with, I may make as many as 18 and divide them up so that many that are alike won't go to the same unit.

It's fun to do cards.  Each one is a new project, you can use so many kinds of techniques and embellishments and get instant gratification by seeing a project  finished.  I encourage everyone to make cards, whether for their own use or for donation.  And, I'd proudly accept your cards to include in the Cards for Soldiers shipments.


Shawnee said...

Linda, you are an inspiration! I love your new photo!! Thank you for being a blessing to the soldiers and all of those around you!!


AndreaA said...

Linda, I use to do CFS before my sweetie passed away.
I keep saying that I am going to start doing them again.
My sweetie loved it he would sit in my craft room with me while I always worked on them.
Someday I will get back to making them.
It is a very good feeling when I was doing them. I was on the eastern team.

ramonafl4 said...

Linda, I always enjoy seeing what new card you have come up with

Rosa Lee Howington said...

And that's why you are so special! I am better for associating with you, even if its only through the Cricut Message Board

*~Danielle~* said...

Linda~ What a wonderful person you are! I knew that you donated a lot of cards, but that is a TON! Way to go! I wish that I had more motivation to get cards done for the Soldiers. I am running some classes/crops at my local library for Card for Soldiers. So far we have been small but I hope it picks up soon! Keep on sharing those wonderful creations of yours!

Melissa said...

Bless the wonderful people like yourself that do this for our soldiers!!!

Linda said...

You guys are too kind! I would like to challenge each of you to make just 2-3 cards and send them to the shipper for your area...or to me!

If you want more information just let me know!

Suzanne said...

You are an inspiration Linda. I am so glad you inspired me to start doing the Cards for Soldiers. It really does make you feel good inside. Thanks so much for organizing them and sending them out for our area. We are lucky to have you.

Anonymous said...

Lynda, do you put sentiments inside the CFS cards or just leave them blank?

TerriK said...

Thanks for sharing your cards and talent with us. You are an inspiration.

Peggie said...

I like your style and that it's ok to do the simpler designs. I just turned in 40 cards for the Operation Write Home program to my LSS. Felt so good to do those cards with the soldiers in mind.