Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Summer Wreath

There is a Facebook page dedicated to crafts made with items from the Dollar Tree.  Wreaths like these have been popular for the last few weeks.

Mesh wreaths are all the rage nowadays for home decor.  The mesh is expensive and the wreaths turn out really large.

I wanted a summer themed wreath for the door leading into the kitchen from the garage.  No one (that we know well) uses our front door, they all walk through the garage and right into the kitchen so this is what they'll see now.

The supplies you see all came from the Dollar Tree.  I found a package of yellow butterflies, pink polka dot wire edged ribbon, pink and yellow flowers and chose three colors of bath scrubbies for the netting. 

To apply the bath scrubbies, slice an opening in the styrofoam wreath form then clip the thread in the center of the scrubbies.  You'll have a long mesh tube that slides right over the styrofoam form.  Gather it to your liking and then hot glue the wreath together. 

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