Sunday, March 8, 2015

Ranch Chicken Mac and Cheese

I found this recipe on the macaroni and cheese box.  It's really good!  I chopped a large Roma tomato and left out the green onions since I don't care for them.

To me, boxed mac and cheese is kind of dry.  The Shur-fine brand is the best I've ever used.  It's much less expensive than Kraft and creamier.  The addition of the Hidden Valley dressing makes it even more creamy.

Since I keep all the ingredients to make this on hand, it's going in my recipe folder.  I believe you could substitute canned diced tomatoes if you drained them well.

Super quick to make!  The recipe "makes 2 servings".  I would say it makes 3-4 generous servings because it's rich and filling too.


1 (7.24 oz) package macaroni and cheese dinner
1 (10 oz) can chicken, drained
2 T. Ranch salad dressing
½ cup chopped tomato
3 T. sliced green onion

Prepare macaroni and cheese according to package.
Add chicken, salad dressing, tomato and onion.
Stir gently until warmed through.

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Pam In Colorado said...

This actually sounds really good to me. I might give it a try this week. Thanks Linda!!