Friday, April 11, 2014

Hello Kitty Card

When  my granddaughter was born twenty-one years ago,  (I find it so hard to believe that she'll turn 21 this year!), I looked forward to doing all sorts of cute Hello Kitty things for her.  Well, she turned out to be a tomboy and could care less about Hello Kitty, Barbie and most other girly toys.  But, that doesn't keep Grandma from enjoying Hello Kitty. 

Provocraft sold two Cricut cartridges of Hello Kitty images and I wound up with both of them so now I get to use them on my cards.

I imported the image into Make The Cut and tweaked it just a little.  Making multiples of cards means I streamline things as much as possible to speed up assembly.  The Hello Kitty images have a lot of tiny pieces that I choose not to deal with. 

For the bow, I highlighted the multiple pieces from the Cricut cartridge and made a shadow so it would cut as a single piece rather than five tiny ones.  Then it was simply a matter of adhering it to the back of the black outline.

The ribbon is some I found on clearance a couple of years ago and had forgotten about.  It worked quite well as trim on this particular card.  I just put in a couple of pleats and secured them to the base with a brad.

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