Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Cutting Out Clip Art Images

I use a lot of clip art on my cards.  Most of it I can print directly onto a card base using Hallmark card making software.  But, on something like the travel themed cards, the base has a preprinted design making it impossible to print directly onto the surface.

A simple trick I use when hand trimming a clip art image is to outline the image with a marker that matches the image.  Putting the line of ink around the outer edge eliminates any of the white cardstock showing.  Sometimes it's just too difficult to cut an image out by hand and do it cleanly.

By using the Hallmark software, I can import, resize and print the clip art images and know exactly how they'll fit onto an A2 card.

The image on the bottom has a brown line around the outer edge, the top image is the way it printed.  Having the colored area around the image makes it much faster and easier to cut it out.

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