Saturday, January 11, 2014

It's Been A Long Month!

There is a very good reason why nothing has been posted on here since my automated posts on Christmas Eve.  And, they wouldn't have posted if I hadn't set them up several weeks ahead.  My husband had a serious fall on December 10th and just got home from the hospital and rehab yesterday.

I spent the last month driving back and forth to Midwest City to the skilled nursing facility where he received his physical therapy.  It seems like I met myself coming and going.  There was no time or energy to make any cards at all.

He's doing quite well so I sneaked back into my craft room to make a thank you note for the staff at the care facility.  Guess card making is like riding a bicycle.  It was a slow start but I managed to get this done. 

The colors don't show up well in the photo.  They truly do match! lol!  As soon as the Pearl Pen dots dry on the flowers, I'll jot a note inside and get it sent off.


AndreaA said...

Very pretty card Linda.
I am glad you are settled back in at home and pray Fred continues to do well with his PT.Now you can craft when you feel like it :)

okieladybug or okie_ladybug said...

I know you have to be relieved that those drives are over! Glad to see you back in the craftroom. I've started making cards again too, haven't done any in awhile and I know what you mean it being like a bicycle!

Anonymous said...

Sorry Linda to hear about your DH fall. I had wondered why you hadn't been posting your lovely projects. I am glad he is home. I hope you find time to craft now, a great outlet for stress and worries. TFS your cards.