Sunday, May 5, 2013

Remember Magic Mesh?

Several years ago, Magic Mesh was all the rage for scrapbooking and card making.  Like most trends, it died out.  I remember picking up 12 x 12 sheets of it at the LSS in their clearance basket.  It got tucked away with (ahem!) some other embellishments and forgotten.

Today I drove to Ada to meet with Okieladybug and go to a sale at Scraptopia.  While at her house, I was admiring some cards she'd worked on last week.  She'd used Magic Mesh on one.  I told her I'd forgotten all about even having it to use!

After putting away the supplies I bought at the LSS sale, I settled down to make some cards for Operation Write Home.  While scrolling through my ideas folder, I ran across a card with this sentiment and immediately decided to use it and some of the flowers Okieladybug and I had ordered last month.

Of course, if you follow my blog, you know I put butterflies on everything I can work them into! So I decided to arrange the flowers with a pair of small butterflies flying away from them. 

That's when I remembered the Magic Mesh, got it out and added it onto the card front.  It may not be really visible in the photos, but it added a lot of dimension to the card.

So, look around and see what you have tucked away in your supply stash too!


AndreaA said...

I love these cards!!!!
And ....Nope your page opened just fine :)

Anonymous said...

Love this card! The mesh really makes it stand out.

MaryH said...

These are both really pretty cards. I have some of this mesh stuff too! You gave me a good idea here, and your b/flies are always a wonderful addition to your cards. TFS