Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Been Gathering Goodies

After taking care of some business this morning, I took time to hit a couple of thrift shops in search of some metal objects to incorporate into my dragonfly project.

These odds and ends are going to be converted into dragonflies that will be hung on our back fence.  We have a wooden privacy fence surrounding our back yard and it's boring.  My plan for the spring is to decorate it with the dragonflies and some other metal items.

The turned wood pieces from salvage yards willl be used for the bodies of the dragonflies. The fan blades will be the wings.  I plan to embellish the wings with some trim pieces and cut some openings in them with a Rot-zip saw.

When I found these metal "legs"  I immediately saw antennas!  LOL!  Fred will have to detach them from the circle part and then I can put a curve in them with a metal bending tool he has. 

It was so weird, I found one set in one thrift shop and the other at another I visited later in the day!

 As soon as they're completed, I'll post some photos!



KAT said...

you totally have my curiosity. can't wait to see the before/after pics.

Ann said...

So creative! Oh, I need some new recipes so when you're done building, please scrap some more goodies?

Linda said...

Okay, Ann, I will! Right now I'm in the middle of reorganizing and cataloging my stamps. Then, it's on to making the dragonflies and back to doing some paper crafts. Although, if the weather stays as rotten as it is today, I'll be doing the paper crafts first!