Monday, December 5, 2011

Shirley's Girlfriends' Christmas Party

Shirley, aka Okieladybug, hosts a party each December for her girlfriends.  She spends the entire year accumulating and making prizes and items to put into a loot bag for each attendee!  I've attended the last three she's had and it's been a ball each time!

This year's party was really anticipated since she skipped it last year.  She'd won a Cricut Cruise and decided to forgo the party!  For some reason, she thought getting ready for that cruise was just more important!  I'd have made the same choice myself, given how much preparation it took for her,  Karen O'Brien and Shiane to go!  But, we all missed the party, for sure!

The 2011 party was held on December 3rd.  The weatherman had predicted some possibility of icy roads so our FB friend, Robyn Abbott, drove in a day early so she wouldn't miss the party! 

The fun started a little late.  A couple of guests were a little tardy.  Shirley was on the phone checking up on them since she has all the games, etc. designed for a certain number of people.

But once she spoke to them and learned they were on their way, the party was ready to get started!

Lucy was dressed for the occasion in a plaid Christmas dress.

This is a great photo of the "Cricuteers" at the party.

Shirley, Lucy, me, Carmen, Wendy, Robyn and Carrie.

I don't know where Shirley comes up with the games for us to play!  This year, she blindfolded us, handed us a wooden spoon and we had to scoop cotton balls from one container to another.  Whoever got the most inside the container won the prize.  Oh, did I fail to mention that she spun us around first?  

Carmen being blindfolded (with a plastic bag!)

Carrie lauging so hard she couldn't hit the contiainer

Shirley wanted to be sure there was no peeking
When it was my turn to be blindfolded, I tried to cheat by keeping it off my eyes just enough to see the table.  But, Carmen and Robyn caught me!  
The next game we played involved our being split into teams of three, being given some tissue paper and having fifteen minutes to design an evening gown.  My team gave its all but the hands down winner was Robyn's bunch.  Woo-Hoo!  What an outfit!

 I really thought that Wendy stood a chance in our creation!  Carrie's outfit included a stylish evening bag.
I think that Robyn and Shirley were just having too much fun here!
By the end of the party, Lucy was just worn out from all the excitement!  I'm sure she was glad to see us all go home so she could just have her couch back and rest.

After the party broke up, we hopped in our cars and went to the casino.  No luck for me!  But at least I made it home with a few dollars in my pocket!

Eeveryone there had a great time and we are already looking forward to the 2012 Girlfriend's Christmas Party!


Ann Marie said...

LOOKS LIKE A GREAT PARTY! Glad you ladies enjoyed it so much! And I'm glad no one had to bail you gals outta jail! LOL

Flamenco92627/ Julieta said...

Woo Linda that looks like so much fun! I'm sure Okie's parties are the craziest! Glad you had a blast!

Vanessa said...

Looks like you ladies had a blast! I can see why you look forward to Shirley's party every year!

Brenda said...

Looks like you ladies were having a blast! Good for you and good for Shirley having a party for her friends!!