Monday, April 6, 2015

You Rock! Card

I cannot believe how long it took me to get this card designed, cut and assembled.  The first hurdle was doing a print and cut on my Cameo of the rocking chair.  When the images were printed, the color was totally off.  That lead to replacing the color ink cartridge in my printer and spending time getting the printer aligned.

The Cameo did a super quick job of printing and cutting out the chairs once the printer ink was adjusted.

Then I decided I wanted to print "You rock!" onto a star shape and do a print and cut on it also.  There has to be a secret process to print text and cut a shape using Silhouette software---one that I'm not privy to since I could never accomplish that task!

Thinking I'd be able to accomplish it in Make The Cut, I switched software programs and tried one more time.  How hard can it be to cut a star with two words printed inside the shape?  Evidently,  pretty hard since I couldn't figure out how to do it in MTC either.

That lead me back to Hallmark Card Studio software where I was able to load a jpg image of the colored stars and add the text.  Knowing I was only going to make four cards, I just gave up and cut them out by hand.

The stars and rocking chair are pop dotted on the card front for dimension.  The acrylic dots in the corner came from the Dollar Tree.

It's simple projects like this that make me wish there was a decent manual for Silhouette software or a hands on class nearby!

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