Monday, August 4, 2014

Silhouette Armerica's Customer Service Is Phenomenal!

Almost eight years ago, when the home version of die cutting machines was fairly new, I bought a Cricut.  It was amazing that I could use a cartridge and their Design Studio software and cut images to use on cards.

After having my baby bug for less than a year, I moved on to the larger machine, the Expression.  It worked so well that I bought a second one so that I could continue to use Design Studio software.  The company had launched a new online program called Cricut Craft Room and a new machine, the E2, which was not compatible with Design Studio, and the old style Expression was being discontinued.

Jump ahead two more years to when Silhouette America's Cameo machine came out with the capability to not only cut an image using a software program but to print and cut images.  Even though I owned three Cricuts, I purchased the Cameo.

Not only does the Cameo cut finer details than my Cricuts, I learned how to trace and cut just about anything I wanted.  However, I was never able to get the print and cut feature to function consistently on the Cameo.  Just a few days after I got the machine I called customer service and a technician spent at least an hour and a half working with me to get it to work properly.  While on the phone, I was able to get one item cut out.  After that, it became hit and miss again so I just gave up.  The machine still did all the other functions and it's been a workhorse for me ever since.

Two other companies have released print and cut machines.  That renewed my interest in doing print and cut.  I re-read the Silhouette manual, watched several videos online and attempted to do it again.  For some reason, my Cameo just won't read the registration marks necessary to do the print and cut.

I contacted Silhouette America's customer service department today and explained what I'd tried.  Their records showed that I had contacted them just a few days after the original purchase with the same problem.  Because the optical eye had been an issue since my purchase in January, 2013, they agreed to replace my machine even though it was out of warranty.

The technician I spoke with at Silhouette explained to me that their goal was for me to have a machine that worked properly so that I could use it to its full potential.

Silhouette America's customer service is phenomenal!  How many other companies can you say that will stand behind their products this way?

My trusty Cameo is boxed and on its way to Utah to their warranty center and should be replaced in about a week.  Kudos to Silhouette America!


Anonymous said...

That is awesome but I think too you were lucky you called them a few days after you received it. Kathy

Anonymous said...

that don't surprise me! i expected them to replace your machine. that's awesome and i'm glad for you and heres to no more print and cut issues! it's a feature that had i known would exist 10 yrs ago, i never would have bought a cricut! love my cameo!

AndreaA said...

Oh that is GREAT news Linda!!!
They will reap their rewards ten fold by standing behind their product like that.

I still have never taken mine out of the box to cut anything. My craftroom is such a wreck.
I have played around on the computer with Designer Edition and MTC both but haven't cut anything yet. Kinda afraid I will get frustrated and toss it out the window!!! LOL

Lynda said...

I love my cameo and the print and cut feature. I'm glad to know they are replacing yours!

augcott said...

That's awesome!
I love my Silhouette Cameo and have to admit though that I do not use Print & Cut .... I should give it a try.
diane @ thoughts and shots