Sunday, December 1, 2013

Etched Glass Coffee Mug

Bullets on one side and "Camo & Ammo" on the reverse.


Doxie C said...

Very beautiful!!! How did you do the etching? Was it the creme stuff? If so, was it hard to do? I've wanted to try etching for months.Maybe I'll try it this week.

augcott said...

Did you etch these yourself?

Have an awesome week!
diane @ aug's blog

Linda said...

I use a blasting cabinet and glass beads to etch items. It works great on all kinds of glass, acrylic items and stainless steel.

Using a Cameo and Make the Cut software, I cut a stencil from Oracal 651 vinyl to etch the designs.

I have used etching cream in the past, but the blasting cabinet takes just seconds to etch and I don't have to deal with the caustic etching cream.