Thursday, July 11, 2013

My 79 Cent Storage Solution

One day after digging through a drawer that was full of packages of these adhesive backed pearls, I decided to put them onto an old fashioned shower curtain hook.

These come 12 to a package at any place that sells shower curtains.  They open up like a safety pin.

Just slide the pre-punched hole in the packaging onto the metal hook and snap it closed.

The hook will hold several packages, keeping them all together and easy to find.  When you need an item, just flip through them like a Rolodex, then open the clasp and slide the package off.  These packages open from the bottom, so I don't even have to remove them from the hook to get to the pearls.

I store mine in a drawer with other embellishments but it would hand nicely on a peg board too.


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JennyKozar said...

fantastic idea - thanks for sharing.

char52 said...

Love this idea. I wish blogger had a like button!