Monday, July 22, 2013

Minion Cookies

These little guys called minions are in the Despicable Me movies.  After Despicable Me 2 came out, I saw all sorts of versions of making the minions using Twinkies on top of cupcakes.  I do not like cupcakes.  I don't like to bake them and they're such a mess to eat, that I decided I'd put mine on a sugar cookie instead.

Once a month, we have a wine group that meets for dinner and an informal wine tasting.  I took these as one of the desserts for the meeting.

I cut Sara Lee Twinkies in half and anchored them on top of the cookie with a small amount of icing.  Then, I piped icing around the base.  The goggles, hair, mouths and eyes were done with black icing.  The whites of the eyes are Smartees candies.

The ladies at wine group thought they were really cute.  I don't think anyone ate theirs, they took them home!

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Mom of 2 Monsters said...

What a great idea. Gotta make these for my boys. Too cute. TFS.