Sunday, March 27, 2016

Mother's Day Sweater Card

This card was inspired by one I found while doing a Google search for Mother's Day card ideas.

I cut a piece of copy paper the same size as the card front and drew a "V" shape in it to determine the angle and size for the neck opening.  This was used as a template to mark the back side of the floral cardstock and cut it out.

The lacy collar was done with a Stampin' Up border punch and cut to 1/2" wide.  The placket is also 1/2' wide.  I embossed the blue cardstock to give it a more lacy look for the collar and placket.

Looking back at the papers I chose makes me wish I'd chosen something other than mini-dots for the bottom layer.  Once the card front was assembled, I decided the large open "V" was too plain and added a Pearl Pen dot necklace.  Dots on dots!

The flower shaped buttons are from the Dollar Tree.  I was wandering around the store and discovered them on the aisle with the automotive stuff!  They were no where near their craft supply area.

This template is really handy to have around.  It gets used a lot to decide what size circle punch to use for a particular stamp or to draw an arc.  It was found at Hobby Lobby in the area with drafting and art supplies.  I have two of these.  Once has circles from 3 1/2" down to 1 1/2" and this one has 2 1.4" down to 1/16".

I used it to create the arc shape for the Pearl Pen dots in the necklace.

 There was a comment left on Facebook after I posted this card in a card making group with the suggestion to add thread to the buttons.

They had already been adhered to the card so, instead, I used a Pearl Pen and just added a faux thread across from side to side.  It does improve the appearance of the buttons and I didn't have to fight to get thread looped though them!


Terry said...

Very pretty!

Catherine Nunez said...

What a lovely card !

Linda said...

I added the "thread" on the buttons using a thin line of Pearl Pen.